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Refrigerator/freezer handles covers

Today, I finally got around to this little project that has been on my mind for the past year, but hadn’t made it to my list.   I put towels through my refrigerator door to keep them cleaner.   The problem with that is they can get caught in the freezer and keep it from closing totally.     The handle measured 16″ x 3 3/4″ around.    I cut 5.5″ x 17″ for the front and the back.  Next time I’ll make them 6″ x 17″  I cut a piece of scrap batting about 1″ smaller each way.


I sewed one side with a 1/4″ seam, then pinned the batting on one inside (pins on the outside).   Then I put a seam across the top and bottom.  After that I sewed a zigzag stitch down the length in several places.  One could use decorative stitches. This holds the 3 layers together.


Then I sewed a piece of velcro to one side


I ran a straight stitch across the opposite side and pressed it under one quarter inch.


I flipped the piece and sewed the other side of the Velcro to the reverse side of this piece.


I put it on the refrigerator band lapped it before turning it to the back side.


Here it is finished and I’m so happy to have done this. I made 3 of them for the refrigerator and freezer.



Back to the bees.   Thank you to those of you who had ideas.  We do have yellow jackets, but they haven’t been bothering us on the back deck yet, however,  the hive was very definitely robbed.   We’ll just take everything apart this year and clean it up (think hours and hours), then we’ll get a new start next year.  This isn’t all bad.  We will be putting new plastic on the hoop house in September and the bees are just to the back side.  Now we won’t be bothering them.  We’ll set the new bees up in the spring.