A Very SAD day

The beehives are empty!  There are many dead bees and something has taken all the honey as well.   2 weeks ago, there were so many bees, I added another box.  Now all is gone.  There  is lots of nectar as the flowers have been blooming, especially the blackberry.  There should be a hive full of honey.  Just dead bees.

IMG_4879Remember I purchased this book two weeks ago.   And because I promised you that I would make something out of it as soon as the bear could be put aside, I started on a quilt from it today.IMG_4885The name of this is “Jelly Forest” and  I’m using a jelly roll that I found in my supplies. (imagine that)    It is cut out and lying on the cutting table which means until it is put together, I won’t be cutting anything else out.  My hope is that will happen by week’s end.

We don’t have television, so just for fun last night we watched a free Amazon Prime movie – well actually 5 parts of it.  It is called Pioneer Quest.   This was set up so people could get a feel of how life was back than and films these two couples as they try to navigate their way as the settlers would in 1870. It is well worth watching and you will certainly count your blessings.


5 Responses

  1. Ewalda says:

    Sorry about your bees, any idea what could have happened????? The new quilt looks like fun.

  2. Sally Walter says:

    So sorry to hear about the bees! I have observed fewer bees on our long row of lavender this year. Bee keepers have lost hives in our neighborhood, too. Another curious thing is the large number of crows this year and I didn’t have any robins visit my yard in the early spring. Also, I am seeing fewer blue jays. The only bird I haven’t missed is the woodpecker that took a liking to our house. He came regularly in 20014 and some last summer but finally gave up this year. I guess our efforts to scare him off paid off.

  3. Sally Walter says:

    Thinking about your poor bees, have you checked for wasp nests on your property. If you had a docile variety of bees, wasps can kill and rob a hive quickly. While a beneficial pollinator in their own right, wasps are a vicious enemy for honey bees. The evidence of missing honey could be a clue to their activity. Do you have anyone close who can trouble shoot for you? If not, you might try: https://wasba.org/

  4. jatshaw says:

    So sorry to hear about your bees. That must have been very disappointing. Do you have any idea of the culprit?

    • sharon says:

      Either marauding bees or yellow jackets. Which ever cleaned out all the honey without destroying the comb.