Daily Archives: January 31, 2015

January overview


This Christmas quilt was a 2014 BOM and is completed.


5 of these quilts have been completed and though they are all 40″ wide, they vary in length between 44 and 60′   Today 4 of them were gifted to the church for street mission.  I used a heavy batting and since the night temperatures are in the 30s, I’m sure they are welcome.


This was a quick quilt using 4″ squares


“The Grim Ripper” is a 9 x 12″ wall hanging that only needed quilting and binding.


Hedgehog needed the key ring sewn back on (10 year job) and the two little coin purses have gone to a friend who loves blue.


The pot holder is a prototype for some I will do in Seahawk colors with logos.   (WE WILL WIN!)


These are the first pair of finished socks this year.


January 28, I planted Endive, Escarole, lettuce, and broccoli in the back containers.  Today’ they are peeking.   Yesterday. I planted tomatoes and peppers in these cups.   They are inside and under lights since we could still have a very cold February.

 In addition, the apples and grapes are pruned, a good share of the bark has been laid and the front flower bed is ready for annuals.