Daily Archives: January 25, 2015




Third is finished


Today was totally lovely.   The sun was shining – probably about 60 degrees.  My delightful grandsons came over with their parents.   We had such an enjoyable time, I forgot to get any photos.   So I took this one, just as they were leaving.   They helped my husband get the new ducks down to the pond, had some lunch and went out to play football toss.  The 11-year-old is almost eye to eye with me.IMG_1225 And there are enough strips for 2 more.    I will be so happy to have these strips finished into something usable.  I had them hanging on hangars from which they just kept slipping off when I walked to close to them.   Tomorrow will be a garden day, so I’m not sure when I’ll get back to them.

I went out and checked my bees and they were out in the sun.   I decided to give them a bit to eat, since the flowers aren’t yet in bloom and I don’t know what their reserves look like.   I do know that when the days started getting longer, the queen started laying more eggs.   If I make it through this winter, it will be my first year of not losing a hive.   Yea, I only have two, but it will be exciting to actually get the bees through the winter.