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Heart potholder review


Heart Shaped Oven mitts is an easy pattern to make.   Well – it would have been if I had used what the pattern called for.  I did not have any of the Insul Bright for which they called and JoAnn’s was out, so I used the heavy insulated table covering fleece that I had.   I did make one other adjustment.   I put the binding on the front as I would a quilt, not as bias tape.

I will use the pot holder as I really like the design, but it is so thick that I could not topstitch it even with a 120/19 needle.  So I gave that up and will use it as is.    I recommend that you follow the pattern step-by-step and use the photos as well.   This is a pattern I’m putting in my Christmas ideas folder as this will make super gifts.

And yes, this was another procrastination piece at which I’ve been looking for several years.  I think I even bought the pattern in my past.  But this is a free download, so enjoy.