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UFOs revisited

I have made a list of all the unfinished items that I have so far found.   I think rather than make a list of what to do each day, I should just hang a dart board with them listed, and when I finish one item, throw a dart for the next.   That would keep me busy all year.

The lists consists of 22 quilts,  several  placemats,    12 sewing items plus the doll clothes,  1 pair of socks about half knitted and spinning for another plus the charity items I will make.   This list only consists of items started.    There is a much larger lists of things I’d like to do and for which I have the patterns and materials.   But I also know that I need to do much more gardening than I did last summer.   So I’m thinking that it might be a great idea to start with finishing some items already started with the option that I can start something new every couple of weeks.


Today, I went to the first box and pulled out these placemats which have patiently waited their turn.   I am not sure what I was thinking because there are enough blocks cut out for seven, enough backings for 8 and batting for 4, and borders for 4   I have now cut out the red pieces for the 8th one and selected a different green for binding the next four.    4 are ready to for binding.

Please tell me some of you have projects like this.   And then keep us updated as you pull them out and finish.