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Life on a sunny day

IMG_1226We had a beautiful sunny day, and look at the bees.  After being holed up for 3 months, it must feel wonderful to stretch those wings in 60 degree weather.  Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for rain, so they will be back inside.   It is only January and they won’t have many chances to clean house before March/April sunny days when they will be out looking for nectar.  The dandelions are the early ones here.  The are quite prolific in early spring.


Meanwhile the moles have been busy pushing up dirt


Not only did the bees take advantage of the sun, so did we, with a bit of outdoor cleaning.   It is so damp here during the winter that most everything outside turns green.  This is the top of the chest freezer where I keep dog food.   It sits under a deck, but still was quite green on top.  Even our entrance cement gets moss.   So we did a bit of cleaning.


See that shiny part in the middle – perhaps I should have taken the photo before I put in the new light.   Can you explain to me why the designer had to make it so difficult to change a light bulb in the refrigerator?   Fortunately, I knew where the manual was, but it said “remove the screws” which at least told me that the cover didn’t slip up in there in some way.    This one has 3 screws that have to be removed with a hex nut driver.   How many of us women have those in our artillery?   I did have a light bulb replacement.  However, I tried several tools before I called the husband for back up.   Obviously, making it easy to replace this light bulb was not their priority.

And no photo with this but since tomorrow is our 52nd anniversary, and Chipotles was having a special, we decided to go there tonight instead of wait.  The special was if you tried their tofu special, you got a coupon for another burrito within the next month free.   I was anxious to try the tofu as I love tofu.  But they ran out before we got there.  We had veggie burritos and they gave us the coupon to come back as well.  I think we’ll try for lunch next time, then they shouldn’t be out.