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IMG_1203It was a beautiful, warm day and the fellow that has been moving all these shavings for me told me that he knew someone who was very good with grapes and all types of berries.  I  was all ears.  Mark, the berry expert, came over at noon and he really does appear to know what to do.  He started with a mess of grapes that were desperately trying to hug the ground.   He added another wire, then pruned and tied.   The first row now looks really good.   Tomorrow he will do the other row.   I will be so happy to have the grapes doing the right thing.   This past year the chickens got all of them because that is the level at which they were growing.


In between supervising, I pulled out a box that had a few of Mother’s things in it.   I found this pair of pillowcases started.   I can’t just throw them out – they aren’t finished.  So I decided I’ll just learn a bit of cross stitching and who knows I may even learn to do the crocheted edge like our mothers and grandmothers used to do.  Mary knows how and said after the Seahawks win the Superbowl in 2 weeks, she can help me.   I doubt the cross stitching will be done by then.