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Wine socks

IMG_1114 Is it wine or whine – or maybe both?   This week I have made good progress on these socks, but I do expect it will be another 2-3 weeks before they are finished.

Carbonite.com is the best!.   They have worked with me until all of my files that were lost in November are now back on my computer and I am thrilled.   Part of the problem was that I’ve had an external drive that was slowing the process down and my computer would shut down before completing the download process.   Once they figured that out, bringing my information back from their cloud was very easy.   And I love that they are constantly uploading to their cloud everything that happens to my computer.   When it went down, they froze everything until today when I could finally tell them that I was ok again.   Now they have uploaded everything I have saved while in the frozen mode and will continue to save.   Did I say that Carbonite is the absolute best thing for me (and my computer).