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Sewing and sunshine


Keri requested that I embroider her name in silver on her new Christmas robe, so that is what I did.    The silver looks rather subtle on a gray and white print, but she likes it and that is all that counts.


I did finish the last pair of Christmas potholders.

The weather is beautiful this week, so it behooves us to get as much done as possible before the rains and freeze come back.  I had some help so I spend a part of the day supervising.   Nature had planted cedar trees and a holly that needed to be moved to a different location and then there were bushes and ground cover that just had to be carted off.  The front area now looks clean and there is room for me to be able to put in color spots.  I will order seed for those flowers this weekend.   And I will get a photo of the after.   I’m sorry that I forgot to get a before photo.

With 4 days of sunshine expected and 60 degrees, I ordered a large truckload of bark to fill the muddy spots and cover around the trees and other place.  This is such a great time to get this done, before the next round of rain and freezes.   With animals, there are areas that tend to get fairly muddy.