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Watermelon placemats PLUS


UFO finish #1 – 2 sets of 4 placemats – and the receipt in the bag is dated 1995.   And they are DONE!.   They were a fair amount of work which is probably why they didn’t get finished in 1995.

Here is a note from a friend who reads this blog (with her permission):  She apparently doesn’t have any ufos.   So whether you do or don’t, join us in recording what you’d like to accomplish this year.    You can use the comment section or email me.  I think it will be fun to see how much we actually do accomplish, because so often we don’t see what we’ve done.

Well I am hopeful as always regarding projects. I think I might actually finish some! I did make two pillow cases. I decided with the abundance of fabric I have I will cut them out, sew them for people at church who are struggling and send them with a card and note of encouragement. .. I am still trying to get used to the rotary cutter so this is also a learning process. Then the piece I chose for the trim was too short so I had to piece it. Finished two of them anyway and gave one away to a cancer patient in treatment. I have another one cut out ready to sew, may it will get done this week. It is fun to make surprises.

I am knitting a scarf using a pattern I haven’t used before. It is slow going because the yarn is fine and I am a very slow knitter. I am also using up some sock yarn by crocheting squares and learning new stitch patterns. The hope it to put it them all together with an nice edging for a baby blanket. This is going to take a lot of time because the yarn is so small and the squares are equally small. I can crochet faster than I knit. There is hope! My goal is to make at least 12 afghans this year. I have one done and haven’t even begun another one. The yarn keeps calling my name to get something done.  Note:  It is Jan 5th and she has already finished an afghan.

Also, still writing and started my new Bible study for the year. I am really dedicating some time to this because somehow or other I have not been as diligent as I want to be with learning more about Jesus. I am pray a lot during the day and when I can’t sleep, which is often.

Running parents to appointments of which there seems to be so many, really cuts into the day and seems to take away some motivation. I also write and tell stories for the Adventure Club meetings twice a month. I teach the Little Lambs every other meeting so have to prepare crafts and the lessons for those.

My ladies group meets once a month and this is a real blessings. There are only 6 of us, but it is so encouraging. We meet at our home and so I give a short talk, prepare goodies and we just visit. We pray for each other and others. Our women’s singing group will start again in late Feb. or early March to prepare to sing sometime in the spring. I love this so much. The music is inspiring.

I don’t have a garden, but want to grow fresh herbs this year and maybe some tomatoes if I can just figure out where to plant them. I have some space so will see if I can get the soil worked up and get it in.