Daily Archives: January 10, 2015




2 Quick n easy sewing projects


Teeny tiny zip purse is one of the cuter small projects I’ve come across lately.   It went together fast and easy.  I recommend using a nylon zipper.  If you also want to put a credit/debit card inside, you might want to increase the width 1/2 inch.


My purple Wonder Wallet has been so worn with use, I needed to replace it    I changed the new one a bit from the pattern by putting a zipper pocket in and deleting another pocket.    The biggest problem with that was that I did not have a nylon zipper and the metal zipper doesn’t work as well.   And judging from the amount of cards I put in there, I probably should have put the Velcro up higher on the coin part of the purse.  But I will still get a lot of use from it.   It also goes together quickly and is very easy. 

Both patterns are real beginner patterns from which you would get a lot of use.   Another idea is to start making some now for all those little gifts one needs throughout the year and at Christmas.