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Yard work

Today was foggy instead of sunny and our forecast for the next two days could mimic today.   I’ll be very happy with that as the temperature is in the lower 50s, which is more comfortable than the Midwest and east coast are having currently.     This photo is of the front of the house after the work was done yesterday.   We will wait until it’s warm enough to get some color spots in there.


The photo on the left is the large pile of bark that was delivered yesterday and on the right is what is left after a full day’s work.   I am so very happy that this young man is not yet back to work so he can help us.    


He put a lot of bark in the sheep sleeping quarters and a good share in the chicken/goose/duck area.  (ducks and geese are not allowed into the coop, but are locked up for the night on the side of the coop)   

Then he started working on the apple trees.   It will be terrific this summer to have them so well mulched that we don’t have to worry about weeds and water.   (It was getting dark, but you can still see where he is working.  He will probably finish moving the pile of bark Friday and then I’ll wait until another streak of good weather to order more.   


I wasn’t need to supervise quite as much today, so tried 5 new recipes.   This meansI won’t be spending as much time in the kitchen for the next week.