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IMG_1211The long stretch under the apple trees is all barked now and looks so good.  It will aid in water retention and weed control all summer.  Item #1 checked off list.    The grapes and apples have been pruned and the grapes tied up.   That is #2 and #3 off the list.  The raspberries are nearly done.   We will finish them after this next rain spell.   It feels good to be on top of the game for once.  Tomorrow I will put together the list of seeds I have left from last year and decide what I need to order for this year.   Do you realize that it is nearly time to get out food plants started?


A bit ago, I mentioned Mother passed away without finishing these pillowcases and I was going to learn to cross stitch.   After trying it, I decided that I definitely do NOT like to cross stitch and will not be finishing them.  They are going out in Friday’s mail to a friend who loves doing this type work and she will finish them.  Life is too short to get hung up on something I really don’t enjoy.   I won’t live long enough to do all that I do enjoy.


I was given somewhere over 75 of these strips of various colors.  They are the end pieces when the factory straightens the roll.   Since I am in a “use it up” frame, I put these together and quilted it.   They are only 40″ wide, so it makes a nice small child size quilt.   Previously, I  used several of the pieces in other items, so still have enough to make a total of three of these little quilts.  That’s another finish and I love finishes as well as starts.