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An ordinary day?

Maybe, that is if there is such a thing, this was almost ordinary.   I had a doctor’s appointment early this morning for a curling toenail.   Somehow, between being early, the visit, the x-ray to make sure there were no spurs, and then going back to the doctor to make an appointment to have him remove the nail temporarily, we used up 2.5 hours.    That was bad enough, but to make things really interesting, I managed to forget to turn off the lights when we arrived.    It was just getting light when I left home, and very much daylight when I arrived there.    So the next nearly two hours was spent relaxing while we waited for AAA to come with jumper cables.   By the time we arrived home, it was noon and time to do the lunch tasks.

P1020219 Aurofil BOM sept

This is the Aurofil BOM for September that I did create this afternoon.



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