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Shoes and canning

I did sew this morning, but nothing really to show yet.

The doctor ordered new shoes, so that was the first order of business when the stores opened.   New Balance, they are.

P1020250 Black walking shoes

Then it was off to the hardware store and Costco.    When I can get the camera to take color again, I’ll show you the new garden boots and shoes.     Costco was more expensive trip.   They have really changed things around since we were there three weeks ago and now near the entrance, have an organic section with many gluten-free selections.   In case you missed them there, they are also in the regular section.   We were like kids in a candy store.

Then home to face a mass of tomatoes.   Fortunately there are still about 5 gallons that are not ripe enough to process.    But I did make and process 22 pints of salsa.   Since we use about a pint a week, I’ll get some more green peppers and onions and do about that many more.   The rest of this years tomatoes will just be sauce and canned as is.  I do write the products and date on the lid so we have some idea of age and product.

P1020242 salsa