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“Tell it to the Stars” quilt top + garden

This is the finished “Tell it to the Stars” quilt top.   It took parts of three days to assemble it, but it turned out to be a nice masculine quilt top.   It has a green edge all around it, which is difficult to see because my quilt wall is a bit small.

 P1020262 tell it to the stars top

And these are the garden boots and shoes I could not get a colored photo to show you yesterday.  I did want you to see how pretty they are BEFORE the mud season.

 P1020260 boot n shoes

So after finishing the quilt top, I went outside to pick food.   Here is the first thing I saw.   Yes, this bantam outwitted us and has two small chicks.

P1020272 bantam with babies

So back to picking veggies.   5 cantaloupes – personal size

P1020271 todays personal cants

2 gallon bucket of tomatoes

 P1020270 more tomatoes

and more tomatoes

 P1020268 tomatoes

and a few beets

 P1020269 beets

two gallons of green beans

 P1020267 2 gallon green beans

about 2 quarts of raspberries

 P1020265 2 qts raspberries

and not shown about 40 pounds of apples.    We will pick more in 2 weeks or sooner.  It was a full day.