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Garden day

It seems that the garden has an endless life.    That’s not all bad, since we continue to eat.  It would help if the weeds weren’t so dominant.  Here is one section of kale, lettuce and plenty of weeds.   I spent a couple hours pulling weeds.

P1020327 kale, lettuce weeds

then,  picked enough for a sinkful, which of course then had to washed and put in refrigerator and some of the kale went into the freezer.

P1020328 sink full of above

Then it was celery time.   You probably don’t remember, but I purchased two – 2 six packs of started celery as I didn’t need a lot this year.   Well, in each of those little holes, they scattered several seeds.   I planted more like 70 plants because I hate waste, so I just planted all of them.     Today was a day of reckoning and I pulled and washed and cut and put in the freezer about 20 stalks.   But since this is less that half of what is out there, I was very generous with the chickens and they got all the leaves that I usually dehydrate and then use for seasoning.   There really are limits.  And the celery will winter over.

When weeding, I found these three little midget personal size watermelon.   I mean these were even smaller than the cantaloupe.   I did not expect them to grow  and for sure they did not get the water they needed.   Next year I will do better.  I put a teaspoon by them so you could see how small – about like grapefruits.  But they tasted like the real full sized ones.

P1020329 small personal watermelons.

 And then the tomatoes.   I have another 3/4 of a 2 gallon bucket to deal with from the greenhouse and it rained so hard this week, I’ll assume all the outside tomatoes are done.

Oh, I can’t forget the raspberries.    I picked about a quart.    There will be one more small picking.

I am tired of the garden for this year, but it doesn’t have much time left and winter will be here and I will be so happy for a full freezer and what has been dehydrated.  God is so good to have provided the food our bodies need.