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More food and Pat Sloan quilt bom

It seems during the summer that the week starts in the garden – most likely because we didn’t check on it the previous day.     We went to the garden with the intention of picking tomatoes, however, 17 of these personal sized cantaloupes filled the 5 gallon bucket.  They are incredible sweet and juicy.

P1020302 some of today's cantSo a second trip to the garden brought in some of the tomatoes.   I canned 7 quarts.   Now here is the problem:  with all the jars of beans, salsa, jam  etc which was well over 150 jars, I only had 2 that didn’t seal.   With these tomatoes, out of 7, 3 did not seal (yet) and I don’t know why.  They will get a chance to go back into the canner tomorrow.

P1020303 canned tomatoes

Did you know Safeway delivers?   After a two unsuccessful attempts to use my personal special price they emailed to me, in the store,  I called their delivery customer service rep.   She was very patient and we got it all set up and the first delivery is free.   After that there is a small charge – she thought about $6.  The driver arrived with the bananas just as the tomatoes started boiling and brought them into the house where l ‘ll be working on them – probably Wednesday as they are green.    The reason I wanted this many bananas was because we use at least 2 daily.   I wanted to be able to freeze some and dehydrate some for snacks.  It was also good I checked the bill as they had charged me $1.09/# instead of the .69, I was supposed to be charge.    When I called it to their attention, the fellow was really sweet about it and refunded the difference, saying he didn’t understand how it happened in the first place.    I met two lovely people on the phone and have the organic bananas that I want at the good price.   All worked out in the end.

P1020301 3 boxes bananas

 I was tired by now, but this blog is supposed to keep my fiber adventures motivated so, I put together this September block from the Pat Sloan Trip around the World BOM.

 P1020307 barcelona block

This is the placement photo.   We are now done with the large X interior block and all the small ones around it.   So we will probably beginning the sashing between the blocks next month.

P1020308 pat sloan center