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gluten-free cookng

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Gluten-free Sept 14

Seahawk’s day – What can I say about meals?

  • Breakfast

  •  peanut butter  n jam toast – one of his favorite meals

  • smoothie with persimmon, kale, banana, blueberries, nuts, Nanogreens and supplements

Lunch:    snacks included mixed nuts and gluten-free crackers provided by the children


  • Potato salad

  • milk

  • smoothie with banana, nuts, supplements




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SEAHAWKS DAY (not winners) and cantaloupe

I didn’t know if  cantaloupe would grow in this area or not, but since the summer was so warm, I thought I’d give it a try.   They were late getting into the ground and didn’t get the fertilizer attention needed, but there are quite a few of these little ones.  I would call them personal size.   This is a teaspoon sitting beside it.  We picked 4 of them today.   Well, picked isn’t the best word, because they had already disengaged from the plant.  We simply picked them up.

P1020238 cantaloupe

The one we opened today was a bit overripe, but we enjoyed it anyway.   Tomorrow we’ll try another one.

 P1020236 half cant

Seahawk’s day is almost like a national holiday around here this year.   And all because they had a great year last .  We were invited to our oldest son’s new place and I took my knitting.   I am now nearly up to the heel.

P1020239 socks ready for heel

And I had some time this morning to put the quilt blocks in some sort of order.  So here you see a very rough idea of “Tell it to the Stars”

P1020240 tell it to the stars layout