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Life changing day

Yes, I did get the heels turned in this pair of socks as I was canning two more canners full of different kinds of beans.   I even knitted a bit more after taking the photo.

P1020163 socks turned heel

However, the big life changer was the call from the doctor, stating that yes, my husband has celiac disease – confirmed from the results of his blood tests – something both of us hoped would not be the case.   However, it is good to know what the problem is and what we can do about it.   The doctor prescribed supplements to build his body and the test will be repeated in a year.

So  I spent a good part of the rest of the day, clearing out the pantry, looking for recipes, etc.    This really sounds a bit silly because we don’t use that much gluten anyway – or so I thought.   We eat mostly vegetables and fruits.   But there are certain food items he really likes that I will have to find a substitute for as shortcake for under the strawberries, pretzels (that don’t cost $7.99/bag), pizza, pasta and pancakes.    I think those are the big ones, and that isn’t too many .   But gluten hides in many other products, so we will be very carefully reading labels.  I’ll concentrate on finding new recipes.      If any of you have super tasting vegan, gluten free recipes, I’d love to try them.   In the meantime, it is off to Google to see what I can find.