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Pillowcases and more canning

I woke up early this morning so was able to come to the sewing room and work on more pillowcases before I needed to make breakfast.   I think there are about 15 here.

P1020292 more pillowcases

I ended up canning another 20 pints of salsa and 4 of string beans (that’s the end of the beans – bushes are pulled out of ground).     There are still probably 10 gallons of tomatoes in the kitchen, most of which can wait until Sunday and those that can’t will get refrigerated.    I only have 15 pint jars left and still have applesauce to make, so I’m thinking another trip to the store to see if they still have them on sale.

I’m guessing that I will need to pick more tomatoes and raspberries tomorrow.     Oh, and I forgot about grapes.   I do have another 2 weeks for those, don’t I?

Someone contacted me about what to do with extra tomatoes.   She said that the food bank doesn’t accept them.    Do any of you know what’s up with that?