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I spy quilt and toenails

Little by little is the way I often get quilts done.   I spent a couple hours and did get the bottom on all of these quilt pieces.

P1020324 bpttp, pm [orvr

Then I sewed the cornerstones (Indigo color to light blue) to the side pieces so they will be ready to sew on as a unit

P1020325 navy to lt blue

Oh, and no photo here,  I did have to have two curling nails removed on one foot, so was told to stay mostly off that foot for the weekend and soak often.  The Dr. says they will grown back in 5-6 months, but it’s only the first 3 days that I need to be extra careful.   So I came home, had lunch and took a nap.  I’ll be good  and lazy so I can soon get back to normal.