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Learning and trying

Thank you Lois and Darlene for your recipes.   I will try them soon.   I feel like a stranger in a foreign country with this new way of eating.   I had no idea we were consuming that much wheat and at first thought it would be no big deal.   HA!

Today I got out the package of Organic multigrain bread mix that I found at the store this week..   The ingredients are all organic and include:  brown rice flour, sorghum flour, tapioca starch, quinoa flour, evap cane juice, xantham gum, yeast, and salt.    ‘

P1020229 bread mix wrapper

Here it is nearly risen.

P1020225 gluten free bread rising

and after it came out of the oven

P1020230 GF out of oven

This is how a slice looks

P1020233 GF bread sliced

Notice how dense it is.   It holds together quite good and slices easily.   It is edible with something on it.   I think it will be okay for sandwiches thinly sliced, if the real thing isn’t around..    But it is NOT bread, nor does it taste like it.   Still I am thankful we have food to eat.

I also tried this mix using the biscuit recipe on the package

P1020226 GF sjhortcake

This accidentally is not organic.   The ingredients are brown rice flour, non aluminum baking soda, non GMO cornstarch, vanilla bean powder, sea salt, baking soda, xantham gum.     Although this baked up fairly good, because it is not organic, I will try to come up with something similar from scratch.

P1020228 vegan GF strawberry shortcake

with the strawberries and the “ice cream” (not real) we nearly fooled ourselves and it was a very pleasant treat.

I also made a batch of strawberry jam for a gift.

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