A new pair of socks and some weeding

This pair is all wool, so they will need to be hand washed.

P1020215 socks

The wool is some of my oldest and I purchased it in Australia about 14 years ago.   As you can see by the label it says it was on sale for 1.19.   At that time one American dollar was worth two Australian dollars.

P1020216 sock label

Between knitting and other chores, I did take a look at the garden which has so outrun me.

P1020214 weeds

P1020213 garden

And I did actually get most of this side weeded.  Maybe after my appointment in the morning, I’ll be up to more, but since I’m having a toe worked on, I may have to just sit and baby my foot.    What do you think?

2 Responses

  1. Dar in MO says:

    Definitely sit and baby your fit — knitting is called for to do that.!
    It’s time for the garden to go to sleep anyway. lol

    • sharon says:

      my foot has been babies and the other foot will have toenail surgery this coming Friday, but it’s still awhile until the garden goes to sleep. I have garlic to get in, tomatoes to pick and probably one more picking of raspberries. And the greenhouse continues through the winter.