BANANAS and quilts

The bananas were ripe and ready for processing this morning.    It took about 1.5 hours to peel and put them on trays in the freezer.  3 banana boxes produced 10 trays in the freezer

  P1020322 freezer bana

and 8.5 trays on the dehydrator

P1020320 dehydrator bana

We moved them from the freezer to bags this afternoon and put the bags in the freezer.   The dehydrating ones aren’t done, but will make delicious sweet pieces this winter.

Then it was off to the sewing room where I chose and cut fabrics for 3 twin size “I spy” quilts.

P1020317 I spy fbrics

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  1. Darlene Winter says:

    Here I thought I was doing well when I finished 3 pillow cases this week! I did finish 1 hat for the cancer center and have almost finished another one. I looked for patterns for aprons to make for Christmas but I don’t want to pay almost $20 for a pattern. That is just plain silly. So I will figure out something else. I seem to keep busy running everyone everywhere for appointments. No end in sight. Dad now has fluid in his lungs (1/3 full) so this is the next challenge. He is on some new meds to hopefully get rid of the fluid. We will see. Adventure club last night – we are going camping tomorrow and I can hardly wait. Even if it rains I don’t care! I am blessed!