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June 27 garden update

It’s been awhile since we’ve visited the greenhouse, so come with me and see what all this warm weather has done

P1010897 blue potatoes

I had a few blue potatoes volunteer in the greenhouse so I moved them them to the back of the greenhouse to do their own thing.    Today, even though it was really too early, I dug up about half of them and ended up with about 2.5 gallons   (I want to put other foods in that place for the winter)

P1010898 greenhouse

On the right is celery and our new crop of lettuce.   On the left the volunteer tomatoes reaching for the roof.


These volunteers are producing an ample supply of small tomatoes.   So next year, I will not keep any volunteers from this side of the greenhouse.  I promise to be ruthless on this.   I put volunteers in the outside garden as well, so I may be picking many cherry size tomatoes.


Here you can see that some are getting color which means it won’t be a lot longer until we can start enjoying them.


The banana plants would also like to go to the  roof.   And they are getting packed in their planters with lots of new starts all around them.  I need to read up on them and see what to do next.   I’m hoping to bring at least one in the house this winter and put a light on it.  I wonder if I’ll get any bananas.   It would be fun!


Here is a shot from the far end facing the bananas.   With tomatoes on  both sides of this aisle and a few peppers as well.

The plan is Sunday to put some beets and carrots where the potatoes were.   Hopefully you enjoyed this wee tour.