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Happy Father’s Day

I hope all  fathers and men had a wonderful day.     You are an extremely important part of our world and we love you

P1010812 father's day

Our youngest daughter and her husband (dad to our grandcat) took us  to a Mexican dinner for the event

The Dad that lives here helped me water the garden and pick another 2 gallons of strawberries.    The string beans are now in.

Oh, and the most exciting thing that happened in the last 12 hours is that the fabric and notions end of the basement flooded giving us something to do until very late.    A fitting on the water softener failed.     Because this is not the first time, most things on the floor were in plastic totes.   And a couple cardboard boxes that became quite wet were lined with garbage bags.   Some fabric scraps are now being washed again and a huge load of towels is now out of the dryer.   All in all, I have a much cleaner floor in there, though it will take awhile before the water under the floor tiles evaporates.   I’m very thankful for heat in the floor.