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Quilting day

First I want to correct an error 2 days ago.   Gallo Pinto in Costa Rica is black beans and rice.   Pinto beans are used in Mexico

 P1010893 blue blanket

After cleaning a bit outside and contending with Internet Explorer issues,  I finished the corners in this little quilt that had been patiently waiting.

 pink summer blanket

Next I finished the baby blanket that I worked on last week.   I only put flannel in the middle layer and after finishing, I wished that I had used fleece to make it usable a bit longer as it is quite light .    I used some of the sewing machine fancy stitches to quilt it on the diagonals.

P1010894 doll jeans

I hemmed 2 pair of doll jeans and make the casing for the waist.   Now I just need to measure the dolls and put in the elastic.     Some of these projects don’t take long, they just take “getting to them”.

P1010891 I spy

Then I couldn’t help it, I just had to start another project   Earlier this year, in anticipation of this project,  I had ordered a “layer cake” which is several cuts of   10″ square fabric.    There were 40 different prints in this package, but I needed nearly 90.   So I went through scraps, fat quarters, and my larger pieces, hunting for more pieces.   In an “I Spy” quilt, I like every print to be different to make it a bit more challenging.  This is what really took most of the afternoon.  The quilt is now cut out except for the backing and binding AND the cutting table is cleaned off.   There is a lot left to do and I will show you as I put it together.