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Purple baby hats

blue sky

First I must share the beautiful sky we had today because it’s not often like this.   My husband is crocheting these little purple hats for Mary Bridge Children’s hospital in Tacoma.   The national goal is to send  every new baby home with a purple hat and a 7 minute video on why one should not shake a baby.

If you know how to chain stitch and how to do a double crochet (dc)  this might be a charity project you would consider.   (and if you are interested and don’t know how , you can go to YouTube like I did)   You could even make one for yourself with a larger hook and yarn, using the same number of stitches.   .

bill's purple hats

  1. This is a simple pattern   We use a  G hook and purple baby yarn

  2. chain 5 and close  circle ch2, dc 12 in circle, close circle = 12 stitches ch2,

  3. 2 dc in every stitch, close circle= 24 stitches ch2,

  4. dc in first stitch and 2 dc in next stitch around, close circle = 36 stitches ch2,

  5. dc in every stitch around and close circle.

  6. continue you until you have a total of 10 rounds