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Aurofil #6 and “The Harbinger” book review


P1010677 june block

I love the Aurofil BOM with Pat Sloan.   Each block is simple and yet put together with the same colors, I’ll have a nice Christmas quilt.

P1010678 aurofill

I spent today relaxing and reading the “Harbinger – the ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future” by Jonathan Cahn   It was difficult to put down.   He puts his facts in the form of a novel.   He shows comparisons between ancient Israel and today’s America with facts to back it up.   Israel and America were both very blessed and both started  with God at the helm.  Then both turned from Him.  God gave the Israelites warnings as to what would happen if they continued in rebellion.  Are we receiving messages as well and ignoring them?   Some of our top government people used words from Isaiah that foretold of Israel’s destruction if they didn’t turn back to God.   But they apparently didn’t read the whole passage as they  used them as words of hope instead of warning  after 9/11 and the events which have followed.   It amazed me  times were so specific – even to the dates of the stock market and bank collapses.   After reading this book, I am definitely inspired to go back and read ancient Israel’s history as recorded in the Bible.   There may be more in there with double meanings.