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Strawberries n Bees

P1010685 strawberries

Strawberries!.   This is one of the reasons we garden.  There is nothing like very fresh strawberries (and other fresh foods).   These are picked, rinsed, stemmed, sliced and eaten over zucchini bread asap.   We aren’t yet growing enough to keep us throughout the winter.   So in 2 weeks, I’ll be buying a hundred pounds from the local farm and freezing them.  That will be a long working day to get them in the freezer.  When it’s ugly outside, summer fruits remind us there will be another summer with better weather.


P1010684 bees

This is another of “our” crops.   Actually we let the bees do the work.   I painted some new boxes for them today.   Here, I’m checking to see if the bees need another box yet and the answer is no.    Notice I’m not holding them too close.    I found the hive to the right in the photo no longer has bees in it.   I don’t know what happened, but did take the box apart.    I will check the bees again next week  as I see the blackberries are in full bloom and that is their primary crop.

Some corn and string beans went into the ground as well today.   You will get to see a photo when they show their little faces.

Have you ever broken a VitaMix?    I use it so often that the bearings came out of it yesterday.   I love that machine.    So today I called the company and will have a new blade assembly in about a week.   They were so very pleasant and helpful on the phone.  He assured me that is a rare occurrence, but was happy that I am using it so much.   And I am happy that I have two jars, so that I can continue making smoothies and other foods while the new one is in route.