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Tomato tying


P1010679 tomato strings

The Mittleider gardening system has yielded good gardens for us in the past.   I like that I can plant closer together and get a great looking garden and lots of food when I pay attention to details.   Notice that a double row is tied so that one side twines opposite the other, so all get good light and air.   This year, I have the outside tomatoes planted as he suggested and about half of the inside ones.  (In this photo, not all plants are tied, but the twine is up)   I don’t have the other half of the inside ones trellised yet.   So we spent several hours tying tomatoes and replacing tomatoes that died or were just not happy.   We must have about 70 plants outside and about 15 let to put in the ground.   That row was full and we ran out of energy.   And we had to run to the stre for Sluggo as the slugs feasted on the broccoli (I blamed the chickens, but I’m now seeing slugs)  So watering done, Sluggo is going around all the broccoli and cauliflower.  I’m not sure that I can still save them, but I’ll try.   The bending parts of our bodies need to work again tomorrow, so we will have a nice warm soak and go early to bed tonight   Tomorrow, we will finish the last of the tomatoes and  put in beans and corn.   We will do the rest as we can.