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Melons, cukes and worms


P1010693 melons, cukes

This photos was difficult to get as there are just too many weeds behind them – a problem which hopefully will be solved tomorrow.   I have hired two 17-year-old young men to help me get things back under control.   I had to wait until their school year was finished for them to work, but somehow the weeds did not get this message.   These melons sat in the greenhouse too long as they are now in bloom, but I mulched them heavily as I planted them and am hoping for the  best.    I also planted some tiny lettuce starts and tomorrow must get the kale starts planted.   Oh, and I did finally tuck some zucchini seeds in the ground.   l want to get beet and carrot seeds, planted,  but my grandson and my  brother’s granddaughter will be here starting Wednesday and I’m thinking that will be fun for them.

P1010697 worms in bin

Can you see the worms?    I’m excited to have a worm bin going once again.   Last time I left it in the greenhouse and the day was too hot for them.   So now a couple years later, I’m starting over.  I’d like to just let them go in the ground in the greenhouse, but the chickens get in there occasionally and I’m fearful for the lives of the worms.