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Ride the Ducks


P1010759 science center

We had a most enjoyable day.  The weather was perfect as we walked past the Space Needle and the Science Center on our way over to the “Ride the Ducks

Ride the Ducks of Seattle


The “ducks” are copies of the amphibious machines that were used in World War II.     If it weren’t that we were taking the children, I would have totally missed this marvelous guided tour.   It consisted of an hour through Seattle with the driver helping us all make fools of ourselves and laughing.   He took us through areas in Seattle to which  I had never been, giving us the history as  we  went.   He also took us through parts that have been very run down and unsafe, which have been totally remodeled.   I  remembered these run down areas from my childhood and was amazed at the transformation.

I lost my camera so didn’t take photos of the land areas. but into the water we went and I remembered the cell phone..   So here we go with the  photos I did take on lake Union.



IMG_0375 duck ride

I think he said there were 500 houseboats on this lake, nothing inexpensive, no matter how it looked.  And there were some very majestic boats moored there as well.   We had to stop and get an ice cream for  the hungry ones among us and I asked if anyone had turned in a camera.   It turned out that I left it lying there when I purchased the tickets.

P1010760 fist market

 Then it was off to Pike Place Market and the flying fish.   It’s difficult to catch a flying fish, but as a fish is sold, the man on the left in front, throws it to the fellow between the signs (center left) who catches it in a paper.  So you don’t really get to see the fish land because he twists it in his hand so fast.   And as they fish is being thrown and wrapped for shipping, the fellows chant about the sale.    After that we purchased a few vegetables and some shell pasta for dinner.

P1010768 ole curiosity sh

Off to the Olde Curiosity Shop, also a relic from my childhood where my brother picked up a few postcards.    And with that, this tired crew went home.