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Lemon day

Next on the quilt top, we need to square up the borders.   I use a square ruler to make sure I have a 90 degree angle.   Then it’s border time.


First I fold the quilt in half, then bring the front down so that both sides are exposed.  I then check the border to make sure it will be the same on both sides.   When sure, I cut off the same amount on both border pieces.

P1010850 even borders

Now pin the borders on the sides.   I pin about 5 pins on each side for a 40 inch quilt.   Repeat for the top and bottom.

P1010850 even borders

I thought I would just put the back on, envelope style.   Those checks would not cooperate, plus my batting is thin.   So after sewing it on, I decided to cut it off by changing what was a 4″ border to a 2″ border..     Usually I would leave the backing and batting until the quilt was quilted.    I have a fair amount of pins in it so it shouldn’t move while I’m quilting which I will do by using decorative stitches on my sewing machine.   Then I will bind it.   However, when I have sewing days, like this, it is best to leave everything alone for a couple of days and then come back.

P1010855 pink checked border on