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Multitasking and Doll Hobo bag

The outside gardens have finally been fertilized.  I know I would have more success if I’d get things done in a more timely manner.   It seems other things keep getting in the way.   This is only the second time this year I’ve fertilized, so I’m hoping all the composted manure from last year that we put in the beds is still effective.   This fall we will put in a cover crop as the ground is heavy with clay and perhaps that will help break it up.

I love multitasking.    The clothes were being washed, the beans were cooking while I was finishing the strawberries.   Aw the wonder of  modern conveniences.

P1010861 kiwi helps

   See my helper peeking out from under the right side of the table.   He enjoyed watching.   When I got the camera out, he ran for cover.

P1010865 Hobo bag

P1010863 hobo bag on Kirsten

I was ready for a break so I made a hobo bag using this pattern  for the dolls.   The instructions are  good with photos to go with it.  They don’t take long so I’m planning on making more of these for Christmas gifts to gift with the dolls.   And to make it even better, the designer will send you the “money” you can print out and put inside.

The counters are clean, the dishes done and the floors are clean from the strawberry marathon.   Supper and relaxing time have arrived.