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Sabbath swamp walk

We have driven past the swamp walk many times and kept telling ourselves, someday we’d visit it.   It is a short walk and has been there for 5 years now, but I guess because it is so close to home, we just keep putting it off.   So, today was the day.    It’s a little pocket that is not buildable and the freeway runs the other side of it.


We found these interesting flowers growing on a tree  at the entrance.

IMG_0225 swmp lookout

This is the entrance and behind me are some inexpensive homes.  They probably don’t have a lot of visitors and this is a terrific view for them.   This is the bird watching tower, though the birds were not cooperative and we didn’t see any.

IMG_0231 bill  looking at swamp for wildlife

It really has been left in its natural state except for the boardwalk and a few trees they have planted.  We saw no wild inhabitants of any kind, but did hear a few birds.  I think one was a red winged blackbird who was complaining because we may have been close to her nest


The grasses and trees are lush.

IMG_0235 buttercup and cattail field

Here is the field of invasive buttercups, but according to the sign, the cattails are winning the battle, which the sign said was very good.

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