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Do you ever get up and just want to take a vacation from all you’ve been doing?   That was how it was here today.    Bill and I talked about all the people who fly to Seattle (big airfare), stay in hotels (another expense) and eat all their meals out.  And since they have to make reservations, they can’t choose the weather.    We live one hour from Seattle and don’t even go enjoy the city.   Shameful.  We are about to change that.

A reader mentioned that it sounds like we have lots of parks in this area – which is true and we were a bit sore from yesterday’s gardening.    To add to that our daughter Kati raved about a Chinese foot massage for only $27.00 –  an hour.   A regular massage near here is 70 – 80 for an hour.     Off we went to Seattle’s huge International district.

If you haven’t had one of these before, let me describe the scene.   There were 20 red oversized chair/beds in this room, dim lights and beautiful, soft, music.  I sat in the chair, took off my shoes and socks and was presented with a very warm (not hot) bucket of water into which I put my feet.   Next he covered me with a blanket and the chair was laid back.   Starting with my head, he worked the head, the neck and  shoulders (which in my case was the purpose of going).    Then he did each arm and hand and then the feet – think reflexology.   After he was through with the feet and toes, I turned over and he worked the back a bit.   This whole process took an hour.   These people are skilled and if 20 people were sitting in those 20 chairs, all the masseuses would be doing the same thing at the same time.  Amazing!  An hour of this and I was ready for a nap – not going out to eat.

P1010599 china town

But remember this is a vacation day, so we did join Kati and Zach for lunch at a vegan tofu restaurant near by.   The food was excellent!     With full stomachs, we walked over to a huge marketplace where we saw many fruits and vegetables with which we are not familiar and a few exotic ones we did know from our trips.  But one marketplace wasn’t enough – we visited another one and this one had many items besides the foods.

We had a WONDERFUL vacation day.