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Disclaimer and gardening

DISCLAIMER:   I am not responsible when I hire people and tell them exactly what to do and different things happen.    This is apparently how I happen to have a daylily in the front yard and some irises in the daffodil patch.   So now, I’m trying to think of a way to label the iris colors so that when I did them up, I will know what colors are where.   Any suggestions.  PLEEEEASE.    Here are the dark and light purple that opened yesterday and today.

P1010464 dark purple iris

 P1010465 lt purple iris

It’s been warm (80 which is warm for Western WA) and I’ve been on a detox program which means I’m not quite up to par.   So I’ve been taking a rest as well as  doing some knitting mid day.   This morning before the day got to far along, I planted a few more tomatoes in the greenhouse and did some weeding.      This evening I thought I’d take a suggestion and behead the potatoes.   Someone told me that by so doing, the plants would put more into the potatoes.   These are the purple ones that DH doesn’t think he likes, so if it doesn’t work, it won’t be a loss in his sight. (lol)

P1010467 potatoes

The greenhouse broccoli will be ready to eat very soon.   Look how well it is doing.   This is exciting.   When I plant it outside, it seems to go from being nice nearly ready to eat heads to instant flowers the next day.   Or else the slugs find it.

P1010471 broccoli

And here’s how the red cabbage looks.

P1010468 red cabbage

Then I strung up most of the tomatoes I first planted.    Bill went to the store and bought more twine.   Truly I have never seen such junky stuff.   It is not like the twine I’m used to as it is very thin.   It may get returned tomorrow if we can find some real twine.  These tomatoes are the volunteers and I’m guessing some may be Roma’s which won’t get real tall.  However, since I don’t know they will all be treated the same.   I will finish tying them up when I get more real twine.

P1010474 stringing tomatoes

These plants are still waiting their turn to be planted and I really need to get my greens planted.   So much to do, so little time and energy.  In the front are the celery plants.

P1010473 still to plant

And look! Another little friend.   This is a garter snake (insect eater) who is just less than 2 feet long.   However,  he is displaced and I didn’t want to catch him.   He’s down where the animals sleep instead of up in the garden.   It is interesting that we have wild insect-eating creatures here – snakes and toads.   I love that these are provided for us.   They with the chickens and ducks are doing a  good job.   Now I just need a wild flying insect and hornet eater.

P1010466 garden snake