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Mother’s day

I hope each of you women had a terrific Mother’s Day.    We were blessed by hearing from our children and seeing one.    And our first Iris showed up today as well.

P1010450 first iris

These beautiful lilies were sent by our California son, Andrew.

Kati and Zach brought a “pinks” plant.   I love them.   I need to find a full sun area for them.  They so remind me of growing up.   Mother always had them on the rockery where we lived.    Kati and Zach had lunch here, Then we took a small walk and then they planted tomatoes – 50 of them.  It was such a blessing to have their help.   Assuming most of them do well, we should have enough for canning and sharing.     Can you see the little plants right before the weeds/grass in the background.

P1010452planting tomatoes

This is a photo of the garden area.   Last fall we put straw over the boxes and the ground under it is beautiful and fairly weed free, but we certainly have plenty of weeds on the slopes between the boxes with which to deal.