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Grandpa’s Pond up to date

I tried cannellini beans for the first time today.    They were good mixed with pasta, some garlic, and a bit of kale. So here’s what lunch looked like.

P1010428 lunch with cannellini beans

Did you know that walking for 1/2 hour after your meal helps to regulate your blood sugar.   That is just a moderate walk, which could even be around your house (in 0r out) til you get 1/2 hour in.   (It also takes time from my day which makes me have to force myself to walk).    Even so, after lunch and the walk, I worked on my Grandpa’s pond block and I’m now up to date – thru May.  This block was the cattails.

P1010429 bulrushes

She hasn’t told us yet, where to put them, but my guess is off to the left.   I’m not sure if something will go between it and the boat or maybe the cattails will go on the other side.  What’s your guess?

P1010431 granpas pond thru may