Daily Archives: May 25, 2014




A pinwheel baby quilt ++

Some days have more interesting things than others and today was a good one.   First I thought you might like to see what we use as insecticide.   These are the baby Bantams you saw two months ago.

P1010595 insectivores

Another beautiful iris has opened.

P1010593 Beautiful iris

The first broccoli of the season from our garden.   The one was absolutely delicious for lunch and I may have been a little over exuberant on the other and picked it a bit too soon.   But I’m sure it will also be delicious.

P1010594 first broccoli

I was asked to make a quilt top for a baby girl arriving in July.   When I asked what color, I got no response.  Since she will be flooded with pink, I decided on something a bit different.   What do you think?

P1010597 pinwheel baby quilt top

For backing, I’ve picked out this fleece.   They are now mounted on the quilting machine.   My thinking was that they will be able to use it with the next baby, even if it is a boy.  Any guesses how long it takes to get back to this project?

 I saved the bad news until last.   The coyote came to visit when the dogs were in the house because the neighbor thinks they are noisy at night (coyotes live in his yard)     We now have only two geese left.