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May Sew Fun purchases

  P1010570    nest sharing Just sharing the nesting space.    The bantam (now in back) lays claim to this spot, but can be pushed over for another to lay her eggs.

P1010565 butterfly quilt

An interesting quilt I saw on the wall at the store yesterday.

P1010566 halloween cats

And they still had what I consider a Halloween quilt up.

P1010560 picnic table cloth

But this one REALLY caught my eye.   The picnic cloth is 50″ square.   What is cut off in the photo, is the quilter had embroidered a drumstick on the back of the oven mitt and ants marching across the towel.

P1010571 picnic pattern

So this cute pattern came home with me.   I should be able to get this done in a month, don’t you think?   Especially a month with lots of company.    I’m with you – won’t happen this year, but there will be another summer.

P1010572  Pam Bono angler 2

This Angler 2 looks like a very handy tool, so it came to live at my house as well

P1010573 triangle trimmer

Corner Cut 60 will make sewing these triangles so much easier and faster because the ears are cut off before you sew.   Also because of that, the 1/4″ seams should be more accurate.   I love tools that make life easier.

P1010574 steam a seam replacement

And the big prize was this “glue” paper.   I have used rolls of Seam a Steam 2 lite.   But they are having production problems and people are saying they like this just as well, if not better.   This is what I use to do machine applique.   I press this on the back of my applique and then draw the design on the paper on the reverse of this.   After that I cut it out and position it on the background fabric where I want to make the scene.   Since I have several quilts in mind of this type, 3 packages of this paper came to live with me.

It was a very good day.   It is unusual to find so many usable items at one of these “infomercial: Sew Fun programs.