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summer socks pair 1 finished

These socks are intended to just cover the foot in the shoe.  So I should be able to get two pair from  the same fiber from which I usually get one pair  since I always have some leftover.  If I don’t have quite enough for the second pair, I’ll finish the toes with something else – who sees way down into your Nike’s anyway?    I had a lot of waiting time this week so was able to finish them quickly.    It may take the entire month of June to finish the second pair as the plan is for my brother and his granddaughter to visit as well as my daughter and grandson.   And we will be doing some “going”.

P1010625 bluegrey summer

Look closely as  I’d like to point out some flaws.  It’s difficult to see in this photo, but the top sock is definitely a lighter grey than the lower sock.   I purchased this fiber at JoAnn’s and it is a decent sock yarn, but I didn’t bother to check if it was the same lot number and it isn’t.   You will notice that the stripes also do not follow the same order.  It’s as if one was rolled reverse from the other.    Now on this pair of socks, none of this matters because when I make the second pair, it will be the same story, so by taking the dark sock from each pair, I will have a matching color pair – the same with the lighter gray ones (assuming I have enough to finish both socks with this yarn)   However, if this had been a full pair of socks, I would have been unhappy and probably stopped after the first inch and reappropriated the yarn to another project – scarf or ?

So lesson learned.   Lot number can be extremely important.

The second pair is barely started and will be put on hold until the house is company ready.

P1010624 second pair started