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Lab Visit


P1010403 dr visit

This 4 hour glucose tolerance test had me really nervous as I remember having this test about 50+ years ago and it being nasty.  Of course many changes have happened in that time.   I think the worst part of it was that they also wanted us to take a tiny bit of blood each 15 minutes during that time and record the number on a glucometer.  No, they were not looking for diabetes, but apparently there are a number of other health concerns they can find by reading that test.   Anyway, it is done and in two weeks, I should know the results.

P1010405 green,orange socks

I took my knitting along, although, with having to lay it down every 15 minutes to take a snippet of blood, I didn’t get as far on these socks as I had hoped.   They are just straight stockinette stitch, so will have them as a car and waiting project.