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The lottery, May Sock progress and lunch out

Upon opening my email tonight the first thing I saw in a subject line was “YOUR IN”   It didn’t take much reading to find that I won the lottery for a place in Judith MacKenzie’s 2 day spinning workshop the first week of July!    It will be using the little electric Hanson spinner.   I am so excited, this class is not offered often and many people enter the lottery.    As well it usually is on a weekend and I needed it to be during the week.   I just secured my hotel room for the event.

 The sun gets up so early now, so if I take advantage of it, I can knit before Bill gets up and it’s breakfast time.   That is exactly what I did yesterday and today.   Here is the progress so far.  

P1010537  orangegreen sock p

My daughter-in-law took me to lunch today at a raw restaurant in Tacoma.   I got a bit lost getting there, but finally found it.   We had a great meal, and an even greater visit.   I will make the effort to spend more time together as she’s one terrific person.