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Pinwheel baby quilt

   A good share of today  was  spent quilting and binding this baby quilt.  These pinwheels were left over from making another quilt.  I really enjoy being able to use parts that are put to the side when the first quilt is make.   I’m quite  happy with  the way turned out   It still needs to be wet down and laid out flat to  relax the binding as I tend to stretch it to keep it straight as I sew  it.    I plan to do that in the morning.



The other part of the day was spent researching whether we will go with plan A, B, or C for our water.   Our well no longer provides the amount of water it has in the past.    So we have an appointment with a pump man and may get one with a well driller and will price holding tanks as well.    Ah, the ebb and flow of money.  It just isn’t flowing the right direction.