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Garden Prep work

The weather was again beautiful – the temperature made it up to 81 and is now a very comfortable 72.   I’m so glad the tomatoes are well mulched as we are having work done on our water treatment system today and tomorrow which means no water.  During the cooler parts of the day, we prepared some beds for tomorrow afternoon’s plantings.   Hopefully, we will finish the other beds in the morning.  The forecast is for rain Saturday, Sunday and Monday which means it will at the very least be cloudy with some sprinkling.   Then it’s back to sun on Tuesday.   Absolutely perfect weather for starting seeds.     I’m feeling a bit behind, but we have a long season, so I should get caught up.    I’m really looking forward to enough harvest to be able to share.   This photo shows most of the garden area which is 3 long terraced rows.


Don’t you just hate it when you find a product you really like and is just perfect for your purpose and then the company doesn’t make it anymore.    The twine that I use for tomatoes and other climbing foods is no longer made.    So I drove around to several stores looking for something that would be a good substitute and I found something, but it only comes in double rolls of 3600 feet each.    So to make a positive, I won’t have to go looking for more as this should last me the rest of my lifetime.  In fact, I may look for other ways to use it.   It’s just a tad lighter than baling twine.