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May Sew Fun

This was an interesting month with a new educational consultant – fancy name for a demonstrator.    Here is a cute baby cuddly made. with Minky.   There was a pattern for a frog, pig,  dog and cat.   The head is stuffed with fiberfill so the child can hug it or have the blanket around them.   If I were to make this, I think I’d enlarge it just a bit so it would be usable for a few more months.

P1010553 frog cuddlye

Here is the pattern

P1010554 frog pattern

    She showed several quilts made from the book Simply Fat Quarters which were fast and easy.  

P1010552 falt quarter quilts

Here are a couple more,   These are made using only fat quarters

P1010550 fatt quarter quiil

One book she had, Sew On the Go. was patterns for making a bag for your cutting board, a bag for your long ruler,  various bags to carry other sewing equipment to a class including this cute bag.

P1010555 bag

 Interestingly enough this flag is made from cutting tubes according to a pattern and sewn right sides together, then turned and adhered to a backing.   The tubes were stitched on and quilted .    This is easer than it looks.   Oh and if the points don’t come out exactly right in the center, no worries, just embellish with a button.

P1010551 flag patternAlong with the  patterns, she showed us various rulers and other gadgets to make our quilting easier and more fun